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AD in WV on FOX TV regarding 340B.

  • 1.  AD in WV on FOX TV regarding 340B.

    Posted 02-27-2024 09:04

    We wanted to alert you to an ad that has begun appearing on a local Fox TV station in West Virginia, a state that is currently considering a bill to block 340B contract pharmacy restrictions.  The narrator states: 

    “The border is broken.  Millions illegally pouring into our country.  But it's not just the border. Your tax dollars are at work for illegal immigrants.  The more we look the more we find.  Our police are under assault, free credit cards for illegals -- and free health care?  They're using a program currently under investigation called 340B to launder your money and provide free health care for illegal immigrants.  The more we look, the more we find.”  (The ad airing in WV does not mention voting for Republicans.)

    The ad is sponsored by a group called Building America’s Future.  Also, in case you are asked about it, here are a couple points to remember:

    ·        Unlike what the ad states:

    o   340B discounts and savings are provided by drug manufacturers, not taxpayers.

    o   Health care providers retaining 340B savings is how Congress intended for the program to work -- it’s not money laundering. 

    ·        Members of Congress from both parties consistently agree that CHCs are “good stewards” of the 340B program, adhering to both the letter and the spirit of the law.

    Please let us know if this ad appears in your state. 

    Paula Straub
    Director of Pharmacy Services
    Kentucky Primary Care Association
    Frankfort KY
    (502) 545-0989