Sheila Bowling

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Shelia Bowling
Primary Care Centers of Eastern KY
Billing Manager



I was born, and remain in Southeastern KY where I learned about God, Family, Hard Work, and Honesty.  None of which has let me down. 

I enjoy antiquing and appreciate the quality of workmanship of years past.  I help my husband of 35 years with our small farm.  But, the true light of our lives are our two daughters and granddaughter. 

My education started out in Business, Accounting, and Computer Programing, all of which prepared me for management in the medical field where I found my place.  I worked for a short time in a small family practice where I learned I was definitely a pencil pusher rather than needle.  I enrolled back in school after I thought I was long finished with that stage of my life and became a certified coder through AHIMA. 

I’m very grateful for all the opportunities along the way that helped prepare me for the challenges of managing the billing at one of the area’s largest Rural Health Clinic organizations, Primary Care Centers of Eastern KY. 

My 30 plus years in Revenue Cycle Management, Building & Managing the Practice Management system, Staff Training, and Report Writing, has broadened by expertise in the Healthcare field.  My involvement with multiple clinics’ rapid growth has given me experience across PCMH, Contracting, Credentialing, auditing, regulations, and so much more. 

I have been given a voice at the KY Medicaid Technical Advisory Committee, which I hope has been a valuable contribution to provider relations with Medicaid.   

As a member of the Primary Care Centers team, I am truly blessed and hope our efforts will reflect our passion for our patients and offering them an excellent health care product.